Tips only for New Zealand people – We make today the best day of your life!


Our editorial team has conducted extensive research into the financial optimization of companies in an international context. We have summarized the search results for you in the following tips so that your business can also be successful abroad and generate more sales. Just read on and you will learn how today can become the BEST DAY of your LIFE. Most certainly.

Tip 1: It is always important to respect national particularities, however absurd these appear. Respond to the individual needs of your business partner and adapt them accordingly.

Tip 2: Here in New Zealand is usually spoken English, but not always it is so easy with the language of negotiation. For example, Canada is Bilingual, so documents must always be held in duplicate.

Tip 3: New Zealand is a multi-cultural country, ethnic diversity is not only important in immigration policy. But in other countries, this is not always the case. Be aware of the history of the country in which you want to do business.

Tip 4: The corporate cultures are different in each country, so be sure to read up on national specifics in advance.

Tip 5: New Zealand meetings are very formally organized, in other countries this is not always the case. In the US, for example, the casual small talk is part of a meeting like the coffee here.

  1. Tip: No matter who you speak to, every employee has the right to speak and be heard, regardless of their position in the company. Be respectful of everyone.
  2. Tip: It depends on the right preparation – only when all data is available can decisions be made. So prepare thoroughly for possible questions.
  3. Tip: Always stay factual! – Superlatives and exaggerations are strictly avoided at meetings. This could raise false expectations.

Tip 9: Equality is a big topic in New Zealand, so it is also important to live abroad with the business partner. Treat all employees equally, regardless of gender.

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